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Swiss inventor, Arthur Gueydan, applied for a United Kingdom patent on 24 August 1928 being “The Concept of a Device to Impart a Progressive Movement to an Article and applicable in Toys, Game Apparatus, and other Objects". The patent was granted as at 8 August 1929 (Patent no. 302220). A month later The Chad Valley Company Limited together with Francis Reginald Beaman Whitehouse applied for a United Kingdom patent on 22 September 1928 for "New or Improved Apparatus for Playing a Race Game" and the patent was granted as at 28 December 1929 (Patent no. 323,467). Meanwhile, Arthur Gueydan had applied for another United Kingdom patent for "Improvements in Amusement Apparatus" on 16 May 1929 but this was not granted until 16 September 1930. (Patent no. 311,782).

Eventually all three patents were quoted on the box lids of the Chad Valley game, Escalado. The first boxed game was produced for sale in 1928. The first known versions had printed on the box covers only that a patent had been applied for and therefore, logically, this was accurate for the Chad Valley / Whitehouse patent from 22 September 1928 until the patent was granted 23 December 1929. Quote from advertisement in the May 1929 Toy Trader Magazine: “The sensational Race game which broke all records during the last three months of 1928, and which is the biggest seller of all games this year”.
Drawing from Chad Valley / Whitehouse 1929 patent
The patent includes: “This invention relates to apparatus for playing a race game, the apparatus being of the kind which includes a reciprocating track upon which model horses or other movable (sic)  figures are placed for the purpose of playing a race game”
Barclay Toys’ issue of Chad Valley money for their
“Beat The Bookie” version of Escalado
Possibly the first advert for Escalado
in the Toy Trader October 1928