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      Chad  Valley catalogue 1936

      Chad  Valley catalogue 1953

      Chad  Valley catalogue 1954

      Chad  Valley catalogue 1955

      Chad  Valley catalogue 1962



      Toy Trader magazine 1928

      Possibly the first advert 1928

      Toy Trader magazine 1929

      Toy Trader magazine 1946


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Miscellaneous Notes (2)

Whip or no whip

Arising from a query from another collector (Tom Cook) we have tried to establish if the two versions of the horse and jockey models were originally packaged with the Escalado game sets.

The models produced by Chad Valley have the company name on the bellies of the horses and the jockeys do not carry a whip. A set for sale on Ebay does have the horse/jockey models with whips and the seller references those models as produced by J Hill. It might be surmised that the J Hill version of the models were supplied to Chad Valley for use with their games or were used to meet requests for additional or replacements for broken models.