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2 March 2018

The Toy Trader advertisement in October 1928 is likely to have been the first advertisement

for Escalado, at least in the Toy Trader. This was presumably to hit the 1928 Christmas trade.

It refers to 3 qualities ranging in price from 7/6 to 21/- and it would be reasonable

to assume that the prices referred to sets with varying number  of horses

with the largest and most expensive being a 12-horse set.

The  first  version  of   Escalado   was  produced  in  1928


The earliest box covers refer only to ‘patent applied for’ and those patents were applied for between May and September 1928. In October 1928 the Toy Trader magazine carried a report that ‘Last month we referred to a new race game which had just been introduced by Chad Valley’; therefore it is reasonable to assume that the first version could have been on sale around September 1928. The  font  style  of  the  box  cover  shown  below  (a ‘patent applied for’ version) was still in use in the Toy Trader May 1929 advert. This style does not subsequently re-occur and therefore it can be assumed that the many box covers which subsequently capitalised the title ‘ESCALAD0’ but still showing ‘patent applied for’ first came into use some time after May 1929 but before August 1929 when the first of three UK patents was approved and then Chad Valley no longer needed the reference ‘patent applied for’ for that first patent.

However, it is noted that the 1928 advertisement shows the name ESCALADO capitalised, (albeit not a box cover); therefore the foregoing stands only as an assumption until any new evidence shows conclusively that only the one style of box cover (seen below) occurred before May 1929.

In March 2014 this 12 horse set appeared for sale on eBay and the thumbnail is reproduced here with permission of games4us5588

The image on the box is the same as that shown in  the

May 1929 Toy Trader advertisement.

By this time there were 4 qualities priced from 5/6 to 21/-

Based on the research above this is likely to have been the first version of the game that was introduced in September 1928 and continued at least up to May 1929