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Mddx Research has researched historical data that will assist others seeking similar information. The following pages deal briefly with the production of a horse racing game introduced by the Chad Valley Toy Company in 1928 which, under two subsequent changes of company ownership  and one change of name ownership lasted at least until 1997. In 2002 Woolworths launched a variant without the betting element called “Chad Valley Gallop”. The information on this site will be updated following further research and any uncertainty will be annotated on the relevant page.

The dates, or periods, of issue of each version of the game are are based on deduction after taking into account the dates of issue of patents, royal warrants, ownership changes.and advertising. They are therefore otherwise unverified.

The information on this site is intended as a helpful aid to collectors but no guarantee or undertaking as to the accuracy of this information is given or implied and anyone making a purchase of this game cannot rely  on any information on this site to ascertain provenance or historical chronology in connection with that purchase. Equally, sellers may not assume accuracy of this information in its use for any  sale description.
The  original  Escalado collectors’  site

Advertisement in the
May 1929 Toy Trader Magazine:

“The sensational Race game which broke all records during the last three months of 1928,  
and which is the biggest seller of all games this year”.

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Newly recorded
Early box cover colour change
Possibly 1929 - 1930
See Varieties 2

Newly recorded
Early box cover colour change
Possibly 1929 - 1930
See Varieties 2